We apologize for your experience in our office, but Nafdac is a responsible organization, we do not treat our clients that way and what has happened doesn't represent our standard, Mrs Roselyn Ajayi, Kwara State Coordinator of NAFDAC said.

On Friday, 27th November 2020, I was invited to Nafdac's office in Ilorin by the Coordinator of Nafdac in Kwara State, Mrs Roselyn Ajayi and the entire management staff of the organization over my documented experience at their office last week.

The invitation came through Mr Muhammed, a dedicated civil servant and senior management staff of Nafdac, after I had spoken about my experience in the media.

At first, it was difficult to make the appointment because of conflicting engagements on Friday, but we finally met around 4PM at their office at Federal Secretariat, Ilorin.

In a country, where many civil servants seek to close from work early on Friday, the fact that the entire management staff of Nafdac were still at their office by 4pm says alot about their commitment to work and this was something I took special notice of when in their office.

On my part, I attended the meeting with two of my associates, one of whom was also present on the day of the encounter. 

As the meeting commences, Nafdac's Coordinator began by saying that, "We called, to apologize to you for your experience in our office''.

Mrs Ajayi, a soft spoken woman, who felt bad about the whole encounter was visibly emotional, as she explained that she and other management staff were not in office on the day of my encounter due to official engagement outside the office.

She noted that, when she read about the incident, she felt very bad because that doesn't represent the standard of Nafdac in Kwara State and in an effort to unravel what truly transpired, she had to quickly conduct an in house investigation, the out come of which warranted her invitation to me, to tender apology on behalf of the agency.

Mrs Ajayi further explained that, the conduct of the security lady, who diligently attended to us is the ideal the organization is known for  and she urged us to see the conduct of the erring staff as a minority infraction that doesn't represent the standard of the organization.

She also argued that, the prompt response of Mr Muhammed, the senior officer who attended to me after hearing about our situation and also apologized for our delay goes to show that the conduct of the erring staff doesn't represent what Nafdac stands for.

Explaining the efforts put into building reputation of the organization at the national Headquarters,
Mrs Ajayi informed that, one of the characteristics of the Kwara State office of Nafdac, at the National headquarters is its high level dedication to customer satisfaction and the organization has been doing everything necessary to make doing business with Nafdac more conducive. 

This reputation, she said, was built with sweat and blood and it feels sad that despite all that is being done, a customer had to experience this in their office, noting that this is the first time anyone has ever complained about such incident and the organization is taking the complain very seriously to prevent future reoccurrence.

On our part, i also apologized to the organization for representing the brand with the conduct of a staff. 

I explained that, our experience at Nafdac's office was unexpected and the time wasted and the opportunity cost cannot be regained. 

While explaining the reason for my decision to go public, I said, time is much more valuable than money. We can make more money, but we can't make more time and the portion of our life that was wasted by the incident cannot be regained.

I maintained that, civil servant needs to be conscious of their actions in relating to people who visit their offices for whatever purpose, noting that their actions and inactions may be making or marring a life.

As we reconcile after extensive deliberation and contextualization from both parties, we all agreed that we need to improve ourselves to improve the country going forward.

Nafdac on its part invited us to partner with them in their quest to improve their services and also sensitize the public on their activities, urging us to become partners in progress, an offer we will be working on very soon.

I am therefore using this opportunity to encourage members of the public to support Nafdac to get rid of bad drugs and other consumables in the country.

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