On Wednesday, the Green Chamber passed a bill to adjust the Universal Basic Education Act via second reading.

The bill request to elongates the mandatory basic education to senior secondary school.

The law is a solace of 5 separate bills to adjust the Act.

The law were raised by Taiwo Oluga, Victor Mela, Mansur Manu Sorro, Paschal C. Obi and Kolade V. Akinjo.

According to the House of Representatives, the bill request to add Senior Secondary Education as part of Basic Education in Nigeria.

The law also asks to provide for the vindicate of delinquent children and provide a comprehensive definition of services, stakeholders and children or wards as captured in the Enabling Act.

The law intends to adjust Sections 2,4,7,11 and 15 of the Universal Basic Education Act.
The bill was referred to the Committee on Basic Education and Services.

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