On Wednesday, Senior Lawyer and Human rights activist, Mr. Femi Falana, (SAN), mitigates pressure outspeak by some Nigerians that the agitating for restructuring was an indirect call for disintegrate the country.

Falana said, the issue of restructuring, if it succeeded, will only assist in mending errors in critical areas, instead of establishing disharmony in Nigeria.

Senior Lawyer said this at the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti, where he delivered a lecture titled: ‘Restructuring and The Liberation of Nigeria’, as part of service marking 24th institution’s convocation ceremony.

Human rights activist, also appeale some previous leaders of the country, who have now backed the league of those agitating for Restructuring after leaving office, wondering why they refused to establish the restructuring project while they were in office.

Falana admonished that the agitations for Restructuring by Nigerians should be for equality distribution of wealth between the federal, state and local.government.

Falana said, “Restructuring, without equitable distribution of wealth, will not bring the needed change and development that will build the foundation of our economy and make it gain global reckoning and work for the citizens.

“But I am warning that power devolution to the states without democratising such powers is dangerous to our system."

He added that, agitations for Restructuring should not be seen from the prism of primordial sentiments like secession, call for civil war and division, that would further disunite the country, stressing, ” Restructuring is not about the breakup of Nigeria”.

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