Mirrored by the yearning to awaken the masses to the set deplorability of the status quo, be it a repercussion of political or social factors, true leadership essentially calls upon for the resurgence of the mental frames and redirection of the cognitive orientation of the masses.
Burning with the zest to evoke sustainable change, such leadership proceeds well beyond the gimmickry of garnering support through a ridicule of oppositional forces. On the contrary it establishes its veracity as the potential authority through an unequivocal affirmation of the needs of the masses mandating earliest attention.
The physics of such intellect coalesced leadership is echoed well in the style of governance of the immediate past president of the senate and chairman, the 8th assembly of the federal republic of Nigeria.
Saraki's leadership prowess verges on a dissent of institutionalized tribalism and bigoted governance against the marginalized and particularly, the decent people of South-East and South-South, denying them social and political parity with the north.
Saraki's leadership exists as a fulcrum balancing his approach towards life itself since it is a necessary derivative of the founding fathers of Nigeria's philosophy of “Unity and progress"
In a world where personal and political grudges form the basis of central conflicts amongst leaders, Saraki has taken the road less travelled by and practiced tolerance and forbearance, by deciding to forgo the horridness of the past that would certainly compromise the social progression of Nigeria.
Saraki teaches that pigeonholing humanity, where citizens are denied opportunities as well as respect on the basis of their tribes, religion and texture of their belief is an abuse to the dignity of mankind!

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