As free healthcare service facilitated by senator Oloriegbe comes to an end.

We feel chuffed, elated and greatly exhilarated that the desired change we clamored for is materializing and the repulsive representation of mediocrity we regrettably experienced in the past has outrightly been abolished. 

The significance of this zonal intervention project facilitated by senator oloriegbe has again accentuated the fact about the maximum priority he gives to the well-being of his people and further distinguished him from his immediate predecessor who patently placed precedence on the growth of his political career over the intresets of his constituents

He is honesty-personified who always strives to actualize his promises and this is evident in his commendable and great strides in eliminating poverty, improving the health of people and placing his constituency on the path of greatness. 

Recently, he in his bid to elevate the quality of healthcare renovated and  gave a facelift to the decrepit health facility and subsequently equipped the place with substantial items which include but not limited to medical equipments, beds, mattresses, freezers, generators, motorcycles, fans, and furniture.

The mischief makers feigned ignorance of this greatly commendable free health treatments because they are bereft of sophistry they could put up to justify their cynicsm as they did on his poverty alleviation empowerment on cassava processing and which gratifyingly, the sucesses its beneficiaries have been recording not only confound their cynicsm but also bring them into disrepute.. Never again will anyone take them seriously.

Senator Oloriegbe has by his actions been giving credence to the notion 'health is wealth' and that which is consistent with his electoral promises. 

In commenting on the significance of the program, One of the beneficiaries of the free health service, identified as Alhaji Ahmed Musa, enthused that he was diagnosed with diabetes and proper services are being rendered to his health issues adding that the services are free. Also in his statement, he thanked the Senator for his perpetual altruistic support he is extending to people

May God who has been guiding senator Oloriegbe aright in advancing the cause of humanity never leave him to himself even for a blink of an eye. 

We have no regrets about abolishing oligarchic government and enthroning the government that practise democracy.

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