It is with nostalgic enthusiasm that I join several other well wishers globally to celebrate Chief Mrs Kudirat Allen Jibike Ajuloopin, the wife of the performing member representing Ekiti/Isin/Irepodun/Oke-Ero Federal Constituency, Rep Raheem Tunji Olawuyi Ajuloopin, on her birthday

Yes, Chief Mrs Jibike Ajuloopin has been there through the tick and thin of her husband’s political sojourn and still very much active and relevant, alongside her roles as dutiful wife and loving mother.

To most political watchers, especially in Kwara South political arena, Hajia Ajuloopin need no further introduction as she is a well known and recognisable face that had proved on many occasions as a dependable confidant and backbone to Rep Ajuloopin’s successful story in business and politics.

In #Nigeria system of politics and even political arena globally, the role of wives of political office holders can never be overemphasised.

It is one thing for any political office holder, even up to the highest level of presidency, to nurture impacting disposition after elections, but it is very important thing to have a good, sincere, kindhearted and dutiful wife as a backbone to work toward actualising such desired disposition.

Yes, Chief Mrs Jibike Ajuloopin is always on hand giving necessary support, advises, rallying women and family members to complement her husband’s consistency in politics which started over a decade ago.

Chief Mrs Jibike Ajuloopin’s unrelenting support coupled with her husband’s consistency finally paid off with the mandate of Nov, 17, 2018 freely given to Rep Ajuloopin as the Constituency representative at the National Assembly.

The Yeye Otun Fiwajoye of Oke-Iyapo didn’t look back, still remain unrelenting, resolute in her duties and coupled with his popularity and pragmatism, Rep Ajuloopin was returned to the green chamber in the 2019 general elections.

As an eyewitness, an observer, a community journalist, in Kwara South Senatorial District then, writing about Hajia Ajuloopin’s unparalleled and unquantifiable roles and contributions to her husband’s political and business successes is not only a very interesting idea, but an undertaking laid with accolades and thunderous appreciations.

This actually bring to mind the popular word of elders that says behind a successful Rep Raheem Tunji Olawuyi Ajuloopin, there is Chief Mrs Kudirat Allen Jibike Ajuloopin.

Yes, Chief Mrs Jibike Ajuloopin was there queueing up among other voters that had defied the surging sun on those election days in the bid to see her husband through to his election victories.

These victories today symbolically defined the much cherished change in Kwara political landscape.

No wonder the support, advises and prayers by Chief Mrs Jibike Ajuloopin as Ajuloopin’s confidant never ceased and continues resulting in the series of landmarks strides and records of achievements Ajuloopin’s representation had witnessed in the constituency so far.

Today, in every length and breadth of Kwara-South, the state in general and nationwide by extension, the name Ajuloopin has continued to reverberate seconds by seconds and minutes by minutes.

No wonder two prominent communities in Kwara-South, Oke-Iyapo and Isapa in Irepodun and Ekiti Local Government Areas respectively, recognised Rep Ajuloopin’s unprecedented impact on the constituency recently and bestowed the two inseparable lovebirds with Chieftaincy titles.

First, it was Oke-Iyapo that bestowed the Chieftaincy title of Otun-Fiwajoye and Yeye Otun-Fiwajoye of Oke-Iyapo on Rep Ajuloopin and Chief Mrs Jibike Ajuloopin.

It was closely followed by Isapa community with the Chieftaincy title of Bobasheye and Yeye Bobasheye of Isapa on the Ajuloopins.

Chief Mrs Jibike Ajuloopin, is richly endowed as an epitome of beauty, a grassroot mobiliser, women transformer, diligence, intelligence, generousity and kindheartedness.

Her immense passion for women and youth emancipation and development is equal to none.

Her unhindered accessibility to all has been the magic wand that had continued to endeared her to her husband’s friends, families, relations and political associates.

No wonder members of the Ajuloopin Patriotic Team (APT), a forum for actualisation of Ajuloopin’s political ambition based in Omu-Aran, have continued to accord her unquantifiable recognition and respect and held her in high esteem.

The members, consisting of both male and female, freely mingles, interact and associate with her whenever she comes visiting the constituency, either for a social or political engagements likewise other constituents.

As one of the shinning lights of our dear community, constituency and state, we are proud of you and very optimistic that with Almighty Allah on your side, you will never lack in your duty and role as wife and mother.

I am today raising my head high to celebrate as you mark another 365 days on earth and for solidly standing behind our performing representative in taking the constituency to a greater height.

On behalf of my self and entire Ajuloopin media team in particular, I wish you more Almighty Allah’s divine grace, guidance, sound health, protection, wisdom, and strength in your endeavours.

Happy birthday to you ma and many happy return of the day.

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