It would be interesting to see many; both olds and youngs are happy with our governor as he works tirelessly to see Kwara and Kwarans progress under his led administration. A man that is after the masses at all levels, we can't fold our arms and watch some sycophants sitting somewhere and planning evils against Kwara and Kwarans. 

Let understand this, that who ever plans evil against the current progress across the sixteen local government councils is enemy of KWARA AND KWARANS. 

Just yesterday when salary arrears were paid to SUNSET WORKERS majority of Kwarans really appreciated the governor for the payments but to my surprised some ingrate elements and of course some stake oppositions exhibited their usual attitudes by instigating and intimidating the masses through their falsehood ways of spreading fake news across. Politics is not a do or die affairs;

AA has been chosen by God as our governor, SURRENDER TO HIM AND WORKS, THINKS AND MOVES KWARA FOR PROGRESS.  Then you can have rest of mind. 

Leave politics apart my friends, think of _KWARA_ first just like our able governor does daily.

May AA Succeed

Sanni A Rufai (Gbodofu)

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