Your sin is not better than my sin and my sin is not better than your sin, whether it is done secretly or openly, sin is sin and we are all culprits in this sinful ways. 

No sin is bigger than the other, and no sinner is better than the other. 

We are all sinners and our judgement on the sins of other sinners is invalid. 

Your judgement is invalid. 

We judge people, under the guise of expressing our opinion. Freedom of expression. 

However, the same sins we judge other people over, we do same or worse, when no one is watching.

Some sins we do not commit, not because we don't want to, but because we are not opportuned to be where it can be committed. 

So, we may not commit the same exact sins like others, but we commit other kind of sins within our own capacity. 

In the dark, we commit our own sins. 
When no one is watching, we do same too.
Even in broad day light, we commit sins, provided those around are sinners like us. 

We don't want to be judged for our sins, but we freely judge others. We judge people whose sin's are exposed, but we are not any better.

The judgement of a sinner against other sinners is invalid. 

Your judgements are invalid. 

The fact that we conceal our sins better, doesn't make us better than the sinners we condemn, it only means that we are sinners, who shouldn't judge other sinners. 

If you have ever committed a sin, do not condemn other sinners. Your judgement is invalid. 

But you judge people with your opinion, you hurt their feelings, you make them feel like they are condemned to eternal condemnation and you make them hate themselves.

When you make people hate themselves, they can’t love others. They spread the hate you implanted into them around. 

You condemn people with your opinion, you make them feel bad about themselves, you plant the seed of self doubt in them. 

When you plant self doubt into people, they will not only doubt themselves, they will doubt every one else and spread self doubt across. 

You do not see the good in people, you only see the bad. But you know, there are some elements of goodness in every one, even in that person you see as enemy, rival, competitor, opponent, colleague and associate. 

Yes, there's goodness in every man.

Even though they have some negative traits in them, there's still goodness in them

But guess what? They are not the only ones with some negative traits, you have them too. 

Until you commend their goodness and positive traits, you shouldn't condemn their negative traits. Why because, the judgement of a sinner, against another sinner is invalid. 

As we prepare for 2020, resolve to do away with your judgement of other sinners, your judgement is invalid. 

Instead, prepare to help the sinners stop their sinful ways, by showing them a good example to emulate. 

Stop judging people with your opinion, your judgement is invalid. 

The judgement of a sinner against another sinner is invalid.

Abdulrazaq Hamzat is wishing you happy New Year

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