Wife, be your husband's stress reliever!

When your husband has a hectic day at work, his home should be his relaxation center.

Home should be a stress-free place for him.

You as a wife should be the one to massage him and give him relief from all the stress he encountered at work.

Wife, if you don't give your husband peace and rest of the mind, you are given him another stress...

If you make his house a hell for him, he will always love to hang out with friends, and probably, branch at a pepper soup joint to relax and feel relief from stress...

From the pepper soup joint, he might get connected to a lady who will always be there for him to listen to him, to relieve his stress and encourage him, and make him happy...

Before you know it, your husband will always come home late, even on weekends that he is not going to work, he will love to go out and spend quality time with someone who respects and value him...

If your husband is a God-fearing one that can never cheat on you, he will like to hang out with friends to make himself happy...


Make him happy!

Give him peace and rest of mind!

Be his fan!

Be his encourager!

Don't criticize him!

Let him love to return home after a stressful day at work!

Don't be the reason why he comes home late!

Don't be the reason why he confides in another woman!

Don't be the reason why he chooses his friends over you!

Don't give him stress or be a headache for him!

When he goes to work, call, or text to ask about his day! Put a call through to him to check on him.

Remember, if you treat him like a King, he will love and respect you, he will reciprocate and treat you like a Queen.

Manage your husband well.

God bless you.

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