The reason why some doors were closed against travelling ministers, is because they started developing independent relationship with the members of their host; chatting them up, sending personal word to them without the consent of the host minister.

When you visit a church, observe the following:

1. Find out exactly what the host intend to achieve in the meeting.

2. Don't speak loosely while ministering as you would do in your own church. 
Some things that might sound hilarious to your congregation, might be offensive to another congregation.

3. Look for respectful means to communicate prophetic messages while ministering without embarrassing the recipient of the prophecy.

4. Don't preach a new revelation in a guest church that you are yet to prove, Its advisable to preach a new revelation first in your church before taking it out.

5. Don't give personal words to members of the church without the knowledge of your host.

6. Don't  give out your contact to members of your host. If need be, your host should with his discretion, be the one to give out your contact to any of his member.

7. If you receive any love gift from individual members of your host in the course of your ministration, do well to inform your host about it.

8. Always remember that some churche members tend to appreciate a guest minister more than their pastor. So, don't get carried away. If things were to be vice-versa, your host will probably be more appreciated by your members when you invite him.

9. Don't give instructions to your host member. You don't have the authority to do that without the consent of their pastor.

10. Learn to exalt the office of your host, lest,  you may never be invited if the host feels threatened in any way.

11. Do well to instruct the congregation that any attempt from them to see you without the knowledge of their pastor will not be welcome.

Happy new year in advance 

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