Youth is said to be the quality or state of being young. While Politics is a methodology and activities associated with running a government, an organisation or a movement.

No doubt about it that " Youth are the leaders of tomorrow" but looking at the situation of our envious it seems we are still living bin old yesterday and tomorrow as not come from the past 2 decades.
Since I was a juvenile, during Nursery school we've love to sing the song " Parents listen to your children, we are the leaders of tomorrow try to pay our school fees and give us sound education".

Nigeria Youth are only making impact on politics when it comes to touting and stealing ballot box for the so called aspirant whose children were abroad enjoying their life's.

In contrast, the ready youth that are willing to fight for youth in politics are wearing the same old cloth of the aged leaders which is selfishness and corruption.

They forget that two wrong cannot make a right, until we change our motive the rich will remain richer and poor remain poorer.
Discussing with some youth on their motive to politics all their response is "just let me get there" which simply means i am going there to fight for me and my family.

My question is how long will this song of selfishness continue?

Your opinion is needed especially in time like this in Nigeria

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