The Special Adviser to the first citizen of Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, known as Femi Adesina, counsel those he described as “wailing wailers,” to calm down in 2021.

Femi Adesina said that this set of people have castigated the government for too long, calling them to have recess in 2021.

The Special Adviser to Muhammadu Buhari stated that Buhari Government will be steadfast its infrastructural development in all parts of the country in 2021, counselling
“wailers” to calm down and take a recess.

Adesina added that most of the ongoing projects established by the Buhari government fall within the first quarter of 2022, a clear year before the end of the administration.

He said, “You know what that means? 2021 is the year of work. Hard work, to deliver on the major projects by next year. Is it then a year to continue wailing? No,” he said in an article he made available to reporters marking the New Year.

“It is the year to calm down. A year for wailing wailers to find a vocation, and allow government to concentrate, and deliver on projects at hand,"

Femi Adesina said further that, any one who have the love of Nigeria in hearts must resolve to give Buhari administration less distraction as possible in 2021.

“Yes, there are challenges: security, economy, improving quality of lives. Lack of jobs. Inflation.. And many others. But is it the year to wail? No. We should rather hail, encourage government to do better, and engender better standards of living for Nigerians,” he said.

Adesina noted he was not request people not to castigate Buhari government in 2021 however, that people should not take it as a permanent job.

He said further, “They will criticize the rail project of the government, calling it white elephant, but will be the first to hop on the trains, taking selfies in it. Wailers, calm down.

“Please, ‘be calming down’ in 2021,” the presidential aide said, adding that this would enable the government function with less distractions.

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