Many people have asked me when we at (Journalists Hangout) shall discuss the crisis in the Kwara state chapter of the All Progressives Congress. But I admit a reluctance to look at this issue after all these months.

 APC lost states like Bauchi, Benue, Adamawa, Oyo  and Sokoto to similar misunderstanding between party leaders. From January 2016 when I visited Yola I had warned that the party could lose Adamawa state if its aggrieved leaders in the state did not come together.

They never listened. Some people have ego issues and see themselves as bigger than the party. This is most unfortunate. The "O to ge" revolution delivered victory to the progressives. But that victory has been somewhat mismanaged. Political parties need effective conflict resolution mechanism and structures. I have preached conflict resolution in APC repeatedly. I have preached the same in PDP. I have no hatred for any of the parties. It is infact  impossible for me to hate the APC. Many of its leaders like the caretaker chairman Mai Mala Buni are my good friends. Both parties must remember that they always suffer setbacks when they fail to resolve their misunderstandings.  PDP lost Plateau and many states in 2015 due to such unresolved conflicts. 

When we discuss the lingering Kwara APC, we will be preaching internal democracy and conflict resolution once again. But who is really to blame for this crisis in Kwara APC?

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