Clarity and courage is all we need as a people and these two qualities are what we should be looking out for in any leader before we declare our allegiance.

Without these two qualities, our situation may never change and no matter the good intention and determination of our leaders, they may never be able to get us to the path of true progress and development.

We need clarity, more than anything else to develop, because clarity is what will show us the way. 

Then, we need courage, to be able to follow through the right path we have identified.

The path maybe be rough, it maybe tough, it maybe misunderstood, it may be opposed, it maybe condemned and politicized, but we need the clarity and courage to stick with it.

Clarity tells us that this is the right way without any doubt. It maybe unpopular, it maybe less known, it may even be seen as outright wrong path by those with no clarity. But courage tells to stick to the path and keep forging ahead.

However, courage without clarity is a disaster and clarity without courage is useless.

Clarity without courage is useless because, you know the right thing, but because of fear of opposition or other misguided considerations, you can not forge ahead for good.

And courage without clarity is a disaster because, you are courageously moving in a direction that is unknown to you. That's like going astray.

So, don't just follow a leader, look at the clarity of his thoughts. 

Does he really understand the issues, beyond the surface and superficial? 

Then, find out if he has the courage to follow through the rough and tough road.

That's how to make leadership decision.

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