Please, when it comes to the issue of marriage, it must so be that you hear the LORD, or never. I am pleading, ENOUGH of marriage casualties.

What we have SEEN, what we have heard, what we have touched and what we have handled of the Word of Life, declare we unto you... Anyone who cannot hear GOD correctly is not yet fit for (Christian) marriage- the age does not matter.

And if anybody tells you that, some persons did not hear GOD and yet they are 'ENJOYING' their marriage; please ASK him what is his definition of a marital enjoyment or fulfilment. If it's about just living peacefully, having money, buying cars and building houses, having children and all the ephemerals; he has missed the point - totally.

If it is about ALL those, then Ahab and Jezebel should be our example of a good marriage. The couple had all those in full. But, I don't think any sane Christian would pray that his marriage will be like that of Ahab and Jezebel. Or will you?

For a Christian, MARRIAGE is MORE than those superfluity of naughtiness of life. Marriage is all about fulfilling (God-ordained) purpose and it is one major reason you MUST hear from God. *Be reminded that God initiated marriage, not you.*

Again, be reminded that you do not really know any man, except GOD reveals him to you. And if some persons have gone their own way - and it, somehow, pleases GOD to show them mercy in life - please note that you may NOT be so lucky! *I beg you, don't enter marriage outside His will.*

Yes there are many who married as unbelievers and GOD is helping them, today. BUT you see, if such brethren will be VERY sincere, they will tell you that they wished they got it RIGHT from the beginning. *Now, I write to Christ's DISCIPLES...*

On the concerns for the 'long overdue' brethren, I wish I could tell them that there is more to life than marriage and having children. God may be testing their hearts in the waiting. Let them find purpose and LIVE for it. GOD will NOT send you out of heaven for not getting married... So don't go against His will because you must marry.

Bro., do you believe in arranged, match-making, marriage? YES, I believe! *I believe in a marriage arranged by GOD.* He could use anybody, or any thing to connect you with your life partner, BUT you MUST hear the LORD correctly, that s/he is His perfect will for your life. Be not deceived.

And do NOT tell me please - that it is difficult to hear GOD! How can it BE difficult to HEAR your Father - clearly?! That means there is a problem in your relationship with God. At such, marriage should NOT be the next thing. It is dangerous.

To run a fulfilling marriage (in Christ), YOU must LEARN to hear God and follow His voice. And it is a product of your relationship with Christ.

*Who has ears to hear, let him hear.* (Matt. 13:9)

(Paul Pius - Tuesday, January 19, 2021; 7:31am)

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