We will now consider a definition of faith that should help you move from the theory to the application. 

Finally, faith is the currency of heaven. 

Whatever you need in the kingdom of God, YOU CAN PURCHASE IT WITH FAITH. This is the missing link in our faith application. A currency is a legal tender. It is also a medium of exchange.

What makes it legal is the signature (approval) of the issuing authority. No governor, not even the president can sign on the Naira note and it will become acceptable as a legal tender. It must be signed and issued only by the Central Bank.

Any faith that is not issued by Jesus is not a legal tender. It is fake currency. Your mind can issue an emotion of confidence that you can mistake for faith. A motivational speaker can inspire a “can – do” spirit in you. That is fake currency. You can look at your skills set and believe that with them you can achieve what you set out to achieve. That is fake currency.

Faith must come from Jesus – He is the author (issuing authority) and finisher (settling authority) of our faith. Heb 12:2 

To understand this, consider faith as the piece of cheque. The cheque is issued by a bank to a customer. Whenever that customer writes out a cheque, and it is presented only the bank that issued the cheque can settle it. If you take the cheque of Bank A and present it at Bank B, they will not give you immediate value. They will take the cheque for settlement. It is only when the issuing bank settles the cheque that Bank B can give its value to their customer. 

That is how faith works. When you present it, they must take it for settlement. It must be proven to be genuine and the account sufficiently funded to meet the value of the cheque.

Currency is only useful as a means of exchange. You cannot put ten thousand naira in a pot and boil it to eat. Any money you have not exchanged cannot help you.

I was seating in a bus at a park waiting for it to fill up for us to start our journey. This was after a long day and I was extremely hungry and tired. A young man came to me to beg for N100. My fare was N200 and I already had it in my hand waiting to pay. The young man was insistent that he needed the money to complete his fare. I gave him the money in my hand and right on the spot, he bought a soft drink and snacks worth N200 and ate it before me as my anger rose. 

I know I didn’t have a right to be angry. He didn’t ask for N200. I gave it willingly. He converted the money to food (which I needed) but had failed to exchange my currency to meet my hunger needs.

Many Christians are like me. They have faith in their hands, and needs in their lives but they do not exchange the currency they have for the need they must meet. Faith that you do not exchange is useless and ineffective.

Everything you can see around you right now is a manifestation of money. The clothes you are wearing, the phone, the television, the house, the food – everything has a monetary value that someone paid in exchange for that which you see. In other words, money can take the shape of anything because money is simply a means of exchange. So also FAITH can take the shape of anything because it is simply a means of exchange.

Are you ready to exchange your faith for your dreams? 

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