It was Pa Benson Idahosa that made the statement that God cannot say “No” when your faith says “Yes”.

At first glance, you may want to disagree with the statement. What happened at those times when you believed God for something, prayed and fasted, even sowed seeds and then the outcome still did not go in line with your expectations?

There is no easy answer for this question. God is God. He is not bound by any man. He allows our prayers to influence the scheme of things, but He remains sovereign and knows the end even before the beginning of the beginning. He decides and has the final say irrespective of what we may do, say or feel.

In trying to find the answer to this question, we must be careful not to let our experience supersede the Word of God. We must be careful not to walk by sight, by feeling or by doctrines of man. 

*For we walk by faith and not by sight. 2Cor 5:7*

 A walk of faith is different from a step of faith. Many times, we take a step of faith and confuse it for a walk of faith. Sowing a seed for instance is a step of faith. Going on a fasting prayer is a step of faith. A walk of faith comprises of several steps of faith.

Abraham took a step of faith by leaving his kindred. That step did not get him into the promise God had for him. He had to take several other steps for decades walking up and down the land God promised him yet not knowing. He kept walking and working and believing until Isaac was born 25 years after he took the first step.

The challenge is not with receiving a prophecy or setting a target for your life. God can reveal what He wants you to do or you can decide what you want to do. 

When we step into a New Year or a new season, we build new expectations. What is the guarantee that your expectations will become your reality?

Are you going to take a step of faith or are you going on a walk of faith?
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