There are very important lessons to be learnt from Jonathan’s exploit. (1 Sam 13 & 14)

1. Do not follow the crowd. The 2400 ran away. Some hid in holes. Some ran and joined forces with Philistine army. Jonathan remained. Of the 600 that remained. Everyone – 598 men were sitting under a tree waiting for “the right time”. Jonathan moved away from the crowd. He had to distinguish himself.  You have to be bold enough to be different. 1 Sam 13:5-7

2. Go with a trusted friend or team. You need someone to agree with you spirit, soul and body. Not everyone in your team is a supporter. Not everyone praising your work is happy with it. Not everyone following you is a fan. Get a prayer partner. Get a business partner, a work partner, an evangelism partner. If you have the opportunity to support the person ahead of you, do it graciously and with all dedication. You are sowing the seed to your own helpers tomorrow. 1 Sam 14:6,7

3. Make up your mind! When I was a little boy, one of our favourite sports was the high jump. We would improvise with anything we can lay hands on. As we continue to increase the height of the bar, the success rate begins to decrease. At a certain height, before you jump you walk up to the bar and measure it against your body. That will determine the distance from which you start your sprint. In retrospect, I now realize that until you remove the fear/doubt from your mind you will never really take the jump.  Jonathan made up his mind against all the odds. 1 Sam 14:6

The obstacle is real. The challenge is real. The target is set. The year is laid out before you. You cannot predict a single day in it. You have no idea if there will be lockdowns, job losses, divorce, or death that you will have to deal with. You don’t know what opportunities are going to come. You must make up your mind to face it all squarely and victoriously.

4. If you must succeed you must get into the fight. There are some battles that the prophet and the pastor will not fight for you. Prophet Samuel walked away from the camp. The Holy Spirit will always be there for you but will not do for you what you should do for yourself. The Ephod was present with the priest but was silent. 1 Sam 14:8-10

How can you win in a race you never partake in? How can you win a battle you never fight? How can you marry the lady of your dreams if you are not courageous enough to propose to her? How will anyone ever propose to you if you are not bold enough to step out of your comfort zone and take the risk of being in a relationship? How can you become successful in business if you are not bold enough to open a shop and ask people to patronise you? How can you end if you don’t start?

_Are you ready? ….Close your eyes… Take a deep breath…._
Go for it!


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