The ongoing linking of sim cards to the National identity cards process conducting by the National identity management commissioner (NIMC), it's a new development that would help citizens now and in the future. But for the fact that this improvement can be used to track down people and reduce criminal activities in the country, these are some things you need to know, to avoid being a victim.

(1). Even before now, it was not advisable to help people register their sim cards. Now that this new system has come, don't help anybody to register their sim.

(2). Be mindful of how you give people your phone to make calls or send texts. It's a mobile phone, let it always be with you.

(3). Don't allow anybody to use your phone to login into an account on social media. Or use your phone to create anything.

(4). Henceforth understand that your “Sim card”, is as important as your, ATM card number, your BVN, or your ATM pin.

This is because, you can be held responsible for what someone did with your sim card, so be conscious.

Please, share this with everyone, thanks.

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