A story is told of a very respected wiseman and a judge who once lived in Greece.

One day he was to judge a very famous case between the king and other royals at a public square. 

The public square was full of people who has traveled from far and near to witness the judgement from the case as that particular case he was to judge was very important to the nation. 

As soon as he was about to climb to his seat and start the proceedings, 

A small boy aged about 14 shouted,
"Grandpa! Grandpa! look here! I have a butterfly in my hands tell me is the butterfly  dead or alive?''  

The small boy asked.
Immediately all the crowd at the public square went mute and silence became the only sound! 

one could even heard the sound of a drop of grain at that moment. All eyes were now fixed on the wiseman and the little boy.

The wiseman stood there for about 2 minutes and smiled at the little boy.

"Little boy, either this butterfly is dead or alive, it depends on you!

If I say it is dead, perhaps you will open your palm and allow it to go unharmed. And if I say its alive,  perhaps you will squeeze it to death and show it to this public that it is dead. 

Immediately about 6 men stepped forward and knelt before the wiseman begging for forgiveness. 

They confessed that they plotted with the little boy to disgrace him in the sense that if he can't even judge a case presented by a  little kid, how come he could judge   the entire country's important case. 

The people were amazed and praised the man.

Moral lessons.
Either 2021 will be good or bad, it depends on you!
Either you will succeed or fail, it all depends on you!
Just like the life of the butterfly depended on the little boy, so does your own greatness and success  depends on you.
It's time to plan and reflect on your life.

Let go of the negative attitudes or behaviors holding you back from greatness. 
God have given to us the power to choose.

He will answer your prayers but you have to work hard to achieve it. 

You will have to make a good choice to achieve your goals this year. It depends on you to make the right choice! 

Sometimes as a man thinketh, so is he. Think positively and always speak positive words to yourself. 

Remember a lot depends on you!

I wish you a great start in this 2021.

 See you at the Top

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