Now imagine for a minute what transpired in that boat at that instance. There were all kinds of emotions; they were emotionally exhausted and physically tired. They were having bouts of fear and now a slimmer of hope. 

Peter’s comment brought a few more emotions.
_Peter, you are not Jesus. This is a storm. Stay here and be safe after all he is coming to us._
_“Peter, remember your wife and children at home o!”_
_“Peter, are you the only person that heard him? You want to come and show yourself abi?”_
_“Why are you taking this your Christianity too far? Is it the way others are doing it?”_

Every time you want to push out of the zone of experience, fear will appear like reason and hold you back. The people in the same level with you will never let you get of the boat. They don’t like it in the boat either but they just don’t have the courage to step out so they want you to remain with them.

Everyone has such friends, people whose heart has been broken by men or have watched too much Telemundo who will tell you all men are evil cheating on their wives. They are not willing to take a risk on a relationship and give love a chance and so they want you to remain in their boat of self-pity. It is logical but if it is limiting it is fear. Break away from it.

If you plan to resign from paid employment to start a business of your own, your colleagues will be the ones to discourage you. They are the ones that complain how rotten the company is, yet they are the ones that will tell you to stay in the rot with them rather than dare the dream in your heart.

The other 11 Apostles wanted to hold Peter back by their words, actions, logic and even the look of disapproval on their faces. The groups you must be very careful about in the pursuit of your goals are 
1. The people that love you 
2. Those that love you and have your best interest at heart. 
3. Those that love you, have your interest at heart and are willing to die for you.

These ones can kill your dream faster with their love than your enemies can with their persecution and hatred. Just imagine if Joseph was seen by a family friend in Egypt as a slave. He would have bought him and taken him back to Jacob and it will look like the God of Jacob has brought a break-free testimony.

Recall how David was stopped by his elder brothers when he wanted to fight Goliath. Remember how the Church including St. Luke, St, Mark, Apostle Phillip, Prophet Agabus and all the ministerial team of Paul tried to stop him from going to Jerusalem. They were logical. They made sense. And they had the best intentions to preserve his life.
If Peter had listened to Judas and John and Andrew, he would never have left the boat.

But friends, there must come a time when you will have to drink your own paracetamol for your own headache and not let anyone drink it for you. That is when they will call you stubborn, disrespectful, etc etc.

They are the voice of reason and I encourage you to listen to them. But before you take their advice, ask the Holy Spirit what he wants you to do. He planted the vision in your spirit. He gave you the conviction. He gave you the burden. They don’t have any of those. They are talking from a point of convenience. The Holy Spirit is talking from a point of mission and purpose.

If you want it bad enough, you have to leave the boat of comfort and step into the storm in pursuit of fulfilment. Follow the voice of Jesus – even with the fear in your heart.

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