After linking your NIN to your SIM card, you must take note of the fact that You are naked before our security, hence you must GUIDE your sim more than your BVN and your ATM PIN,
You compromise your BVN and your ATM PIN, your money may only be affected , but you compromise your phones and your SIM , you may end up in prison ....
Hence : 
it was not advisable to help people register their sim cards. Now that this new system has come, don't help anybody to register their sim.

(2). Be mindful of how you give people your phone to make calls or send texts. It's a mobile phone, let it always be with you.

(3). Don't allow anybody to use your phone to login into an account on social media. Or use your phone to create anything.

(4). Henceforth understand that your “Sim card”, is as important as your, ATM card number, your BVN, or your ATM pin.

This is because, you can be held responsible for what someone did with your sim card, so be conscious.

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