Unfortunately The Fulanis Who Are Not Nigerians Will Infiltrate From The Northern Borders And Register As Nigerians. 

If Anyone Is In Doubt Watch And Listen Attentively Again To The Bauchi State Governor Interview On National Television That Fulanis Are Without Borders And That Nigeria Is Their Country Instead Of Equatorial Guinea.

Read Full Details About The Interview With Bala Mohammed, Bauchi State Governor On Ruga In Nigeria And Plans To Bring All Fulanis Into Nigeria (Transcribed From The Embedded Video):
"Fulanis Will Be Brought Together Into One Fold In Nigeria And Accommodated In The Ruga Settlements, Into Colonies In The Forests."
"We Will Try To Stop Them From Moving From Place To Place By Creating Permanent Colonies For Them In Nigeria."
"Fulanis Have No Boundaries And Cannot Be Restricted From Coming In And Going Out Of The Country At Will."
Fulanis Worldwide Are Nigerians.
Channels: Okay, And, Because I Mean, Everybody, We Want To See That These Killings End, And There Is Peace And People Go About Their Businesses Peacefully. Everybody Wants To See That. But When You Say That You Want It To Be Private-sector-lite, We Understand That (Federal) Government Is Going To Provide 80% Of The Funding; The State Will Provide 20% And Then Provide The Land. How Is That Going To Be Private Sector Lite?

Bala: The Government Has Not Released Any Kobo For That Purpose Up-til This Moment, But We Don’t Know Since We Have Not Been Admitted Into The Programme, But Certainly, We Have Been Working Very Hard To See That, Because Our People Are Mostly Trans-humans, And That We Have This Vision, To Create An Economic Nucleus Around Livestock, And Of Course With All The Value-chain That You Can Get Around Livestock; The Blood, The Horns, The Skin, And Of Course, We Would Try More To Cultivate That Culture In Our People, While At The Same Time Bringing The Fulanis In One Fold, And Try To Arrest Their Traditional Practice Of Moving From One Place To The Other, And That Is Very Big And An Uphill Task, But I Think We Can Communicate With Them More, Because To Them They Don’t Have Borders From Cameroun To Nigeria…

Channels: (Cuts In) That Is It Your Excellency, How Do We Ensure That Those Who Would Be Participating In This Federal Government Largely Funded Programme Would Be Nigerians?

Bala: In Terms Of The Funding?

Channels: No, In Terms Of The Operations. You Said It Is To Bring In Fulanis Together, We Have So Many Fulanis From Other Countries As Well…

Bala: You See The Issue Of Misconception; I Said That There Is A Lot Of Mistrust And Misconception With Regards To The Fulani Man. The Fulani Man Is A Global Or An African Person, He Moves From The Gambia, From Senegal, And His Nationality Is Just A Fulani Man. And As A Person I May Have My Relations In The Cameroun, But They Are Also Fulani Men, I Have Relations In…, Because From The Maternal Side, I Am A Fulani Man. And That Is Why We Want To Educate People, A Fulani Man Sees Himself As A Bayelsan, As Somebody Coming From The Niger-delta, Because He Speaks The Niger-delta Language, Which You And I Don’t. And Of Course We Would Have To Just Take This As Part Of Our Own Heritage, Something That Is African. And That We Cannot Just Close The Border And Say The Fulani Man Is Just A Nigerian Or This, No. In Most Cases The Crisis Are Precipitated By Those Outside Nigeria. When There Is A Reprisal, It Is Not The Fulani Man Within Nigeria That Causes It. It Is That Culture Of Getting Revenge, Which Is Embedded In The Tradition Of The Fulani Man That Attracts Reprisal From All Over The Place.

Channels: So, If I Understand, Does That Mean That, Those Fulani Men Who Are, May Be, Domiciled In Other Countries Who Would Move Around, They Can Come Into This Country And This Plan Will Accommodate Them As Well?

Bala: Yes That Is What We Want To Do, But It Has To Be Done Through Sensitization, Telling Them, You Have To Buy-in In The Project. And You Use The Language, The Encounter, Is Up To Be Able To Convince Them, Away From The Mistrust Where The Whole System Of Trans-humans Or Pastoralism Is Criminalised. Criminalisation Of Pastoralism Is The Problem That We Have With This Project. And It Requires People With Passion Who Understand Them, And Who They Believe In People Like Us From That Part Of The Country, To Say Yes We Have This, Because Today, There Is No Limit To The Accusation, That This And That Has Happened And It’s The Fulani Man Who Caused It. There Is No Tribe That We Don’t Have These Criminalities In, But Certainly, Ah, The Way And Manners We Do It Is Really Exacerbating The Crisis And The Problems. 

Channels: Will There Be Any Form Of Documentation Of All The People That Would Be, You Know, Coming, You Know…, 

Bala: Oh Yes, That Is Going To Give Nigeria The Opportunity To Really Have The Best In Terms Of Documentation In The Demographics, Because, As I Said, The Fulani Man Settles Anywhere, Anywhere He Can Feed His Cattle, And So, If They Are Put In One Place, And Are Made To Understand That This Is To Save Them And Their Animals, They Are Exposed To The Vagaries Of The Forests, And What Is Going On, Cattle Rustling, Killings And What Have You, And That Is Why It Is Important For Them To Understand That Staying In One Place Is Always Good. And Of Course In Terms Of The Best Practice Of Carrying The Meat, Carrying The Cows…

Channels: (Cuts In) Let’s Stay With That Security Angle For A Bit, Is There Going To Be, Eh, Is The Plan Going To Be A Fenced Enclosure Where Anyone Who Comes In Is Secured? So, There Is No One That Can Just Come In From Anywhere Else…

Bala: No, No, No, It Is Going To Be A Colony. And A Colony Does Not Require Fencing Because It Is Not Going To Be A Prison…

Channels: (Cuts In) You Can Understand The Reasons Why People Are Concerned Because Of These Security Issues That They Have Been Happening Over Time So, If That…

Bala: (Cuts In) These Forests Are There Anyway, If You Don’t Occupy Them, And Create A Colony Out Of Them, They Create Places For The Criminals. And Today, That Is Why You Have The Sambisa Forest, Because It Is Not Been Utilised.

Channels: Your Excellency, Much As They Are Fantastic Because We Have Met A Lot Of Them Who Are Fulanis As Well, But The Concern Too Is That Why Should (The) Federal Government Use Resources For This Country To Accommodate Fulani Men Who Are Not Nigerians?

Bala: You See, As I Said, We Are Already Accommodating Them. Do You Delineate And Then Really Know Who Is Not A Fulani Man From Nigeria? They Are All Nigerians, Because I Said Their Identity, Their Own Citizenship Is Nigerian, Even Though, They Have, We Have Relations All Over The World, All Over The, Africa, And So Presumably They Are Nigerians.

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