Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo is derailing. He is sunk in self-aggrandizement. Very pathetic. I hope he will stop stretching his luck and retrace his steps before the troops abandon him. When a leader becomes garrulous, he is knocking on the door of shame. It will eventually open and consume him.

Unfortunately, he is missing it because emotion has taken over his deep thoughts. His Excellency like all human is not infallible, but Akogun has neither demonstrated better mien in his recent outbursts. 

"I have appealed to his emotional intelligence severally, to allow patience and time to give perspectives to issues and several times he failed woefully. This is yet another misadventure. What gave him the audacity of monopoly of public discourse? Why must he think he must be the Wakili, the disposer of affairs to our direction of governance? Why must he be consulted on all issues of governance by the Governor? Why are you and me not astounded by seemingly neglect by His Excellency? Yes,:Maturity and trepidation!

It was a privilege to have been invited by a sitting Governor for discourse but again he fired blank when he went public a few days after disparaging the entire system. How many were so honoured?

We all played our roles during the struggle and it was the cocktail of our collective efforts that crystalized into the successful outcome. It wasn't Akogun's might alone. Why trying to have overarching influence on the system we all laboured to establish? Too many unanswered questions. 

I have tried my best as a friend and brother to appeal to his sense of judgement. You do not plant a tree and helm it down. Better to keep nurturing it. Is this not the best path for selfless humanity? Akogun is sounding too selfish and self-conceited ever since the ascendancy of this administration. It is rather melancholic that Akogun is overstretching is egocentrism. 

Any other friends and brothers of his should caution him too. His mud is trying to go swimming. The consequences may be unpalatable.

Though all what he said were obvious and have long been in the public domain, the sane consideration is a leader of his calibre with purposeful intent should not shred our linen in the public domain. It is unbefitting. He is becoming a public nuisance in his overbloated ego. He may lose it all. This is often the path of a sinking Desperado." My candid opinion he said

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