*Important Lessons* 

She asked a question in a general group on WhatsApp. 
I responded to the question professionally. 

She tagged my response and typed: *"you're an idiot"*

I replied: *"Thanks so much, now that you point my attention to this idiotic part of me, I'll surely work on it, God bless you my dear..."*

*And the whole place shook. Over 118 people commented and were so surprised by my response. Of course she was terribly bashed to the extent that she left the group.*

*An hour later she called me to apologise* for her stupidity bla bla bla. 
We became friends. 

Then I ended up handling her premarital counselling sessions. 

Two days ago, on my birthday, she and her husband gave me a gift worth over 1.2million naira.
This was a year after she called me an idiot.

*Life Lessons from this experience.*

*1. MATURITY:* Your reaction to negative feedbacks  or situations shows how mature you are.

*2. CHOICE:* You have the power of choice whenever anybody does or says anything offensive to you.

*3. SELF CONTROL:* If someone calls you anything negative and you lose yourself and begin to fight or shout or do anything terrible, you only prove them right.

*4. SILENCE IS GOLDEN:* It is better to keep quiet and people think you're a fool than for you to open your mouth and they confirm you're truly a fool.
*5. DISCERNMENT:* You cannot because the baby pooed in his bath throw the baby away with the bath water.
*6. POSITIVE POWER:* You have the power to win people through your maturity and composure and not through overly being more sanctimonious than the person.
*7. POSITIVE IMPACT:* Life is all about people. If I had responded to her negatively, I would have lost a friend forever.

*8. WISDOM:* There are people who are sent to you by God to help your journey in life to be worthwhile, your meeting point might be at a fighting point. Be wise, even when you're angry.

*9. HUMILITY:* She was humble enough to call and she apologized. 

*10. RECONCILIATION:* Maybe there's someone you need to reconcile with today also, go ahead and do just that.

*We can all get better with ourselves*, *with these 10  key lessons*.
*I found this interesting and thought it good to share*

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