Late Mrs Folake Aremu, popularly known as Orisabunmi, is a Yoruba Nollywood veteran. She was well known from the 80s for her roles as a priestess, pacifist or the good witch in movies. Here is everything you need to know about Orisabunmi. 

Orisabunmi was born on October 10, 1960, in Ilu Ola, Kwara state.
She went to Ilu Ola Primary School and Secondary Commercial College.
She never attended university.

The veteran actress was discovered by her ex-husband in the 80s while working as a teacher in Kwara state.

Her ex-husband, Nollywood veteran, Chief Jimoh Aliu (Aworo) had first noticed her and expressed his interest in her.

After visiting him on set, Orisabunmi decided to try a role in a movie he was producing. He found that she was gifted in acting and decided to officially add her to the play. 

She soon began her career appearing in movies produced by Aworo.

She first appeared on a stage play called ‘Ori Ma Binu’ but it was her role as ‘Orisabunmi’ in “Arelu” that made her a popular name in Nollywood in the 80s.

Her appearance in other movies like “Agbaarin” and soap opera, “Yanponyanrin” cemented her place in the movie industry.

She was trained by Chief Jimoh Aliu but her special ability to speak incantations comes from her upbringing.

She was born into a family with a masquerade lineage so she already knew some incantations before she had to start acting.

She married Chief Jimoh six years after she began her career but divorced.
He claimed in an interview with The Sun that she had absconded with another man.

He said, “But when the devil struck, the agent that satan used to accomplish the mission was the man she eloped with.”

There were also rumours about her dating King Sunny Ade but Aworo quickly shut them down, clearing the air that it never happened.
Orisabunmi was a part of the industry for 42 years.

She  played some iconic roles like ‘Asabi’ in “Oluwerimagboojo”, and the priestess in “Ayanmo Eda”.

In more recent times, she played the role of ‘Eyegbemi’, a witch who tries to help her friend out of poverty in “Iya Alakara”.

Folake Aremu  also produced her own movies such as, “Atupa Imole”, “Ase Ilu”, and “Tani O”.

She looked up to other actresses like Iya Awero, Mama Efunsetan and Mama Ogunde as her role model during her lifetime.
Veteran Yoruba actress Folake Aremu, popularly known as Orisabunmi died on 5th January, 2021 at age 61.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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