Hadjia Sa'adatu Moddibo Kawu is one person one wishes to meet everyday of one's life.. She is one person out of the packs that one has no problem speaking the truth to. The erstwhile commissioner for Tertiary Education in Kwara State represents so many things to so many people. To some, she is an enigma, while to others she is just that humble, easy to go along with person: that kind workaholic and pragmatic woman who knows how to juggle so many roles without messing up any. 

My first encounter with Hadjia Sa'adatu Moddibo Kawu was in the build up to the first Kwara Women Summit organized by Kwara Must Change on 27th May, 2019. A summit and award ceremony that had the best of Kwara Women who are stakeholders and opinion moulders in Kwara Politics  The name Hadjia Moddibo Kawu rang bell during the compilation of the list of awardees for a summit that promised to celebrate the best of Kwara Women. 

To harvest the best of Kwara women,  strict modalities were put in place to ensure only those who fit into the mission and vision of Kwara Must Change (KMC) made the list. Of all the nominees, Hadjia Sa'adat Moddibo Kawu towers higher on the rating scale. She made the list of the awardees in the category of heroines of Democracy and it was because of people like her, that Kwara Must Change had the confidence to advocate and lobby for 50% women inclusion in the cabinet.

And upon her appointment as the Kwara State Commissioner for Tertiary Education, Hadjia Sa'adat Moddibo Kawu did not disappointed her admirers who described her appointment as a round peg in a round hole. Without sounding immodest, Hadjia Moddibo towers above others in the discharge of the duties and responsibilities of the office. She exudes rare confidence, submissiveness and willingness to learn from those who have one or two things to teach about MOTEST.

I must confess that I have never seen a woman so diligent in the discharge of her duties and pragmatic in seeing that whatever she laid her hands on succeed. Here is a woman who is passionate about good governance and the deliverance of dividends of democracy to the citizens through the ministry she supervised.

Now that Moddibo has been tested and trusted, I pray the society appreciates the gift in this rare heroine of the new political climate in Kwara State: an uncommon otoge ambassador and a woman who is one of us that is better than some of us.

Wishing Hadjia Sa'adat Moddibo Kawu the best of what life can offer a woman like her who has demonstrated an uncommon passion to function optimally wherever she finds herself.

Mopelola AbdulMaliq is the Coordinator of the Women Wing, Kwara Must Change.

She can be reached via mopelolamaliq@gmail.com

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