The Concerned APC Youth Stakeholders is a group of highly cerebral personalities who are individuals with credibility, integrity and above all, tries to maintain a patriotic and just outlook in any of our actions. Our group prides itself as one that will never be engaged in a Piggy fight with "common street hustlers, ragamuffins and urchins" , who have perfected the acts of casting slur and cheap blackmailing jibes at individuals who have have a good name to protect.

However, it will be highly unacceptable for us to be silent, after reading an article with the above caption! It will be unpardonable for us not to respond with equal venomous intent, when one of the most revered General in the O TO GE revolution, in the person of Honourable (Prince) Saheed Olalekan Popoola, is being seemingly dragged by a bunch of miserable non entities? It would be the greatest disservice of monumental proportion for us to be silent. This is why we have decided to respond to this highly nauseating and shallow analysis which is most definitely an attempt to attract patronage of the character who is currently trying to put the entire Party Structure into his pocket via Backdoor diplomacy.

In the piece, credited to a certain Ganiyu Zakaryah, the young man had the effontery to describe Hon Popoola as "an all time jester, irremediable narcissist and a clown"? From the above description of Hon Popoola,one will rightly decern that the individual who scripted this piece is a young man who has no regard whatsoever for Elders. From the piece, one will decern equally that there are so many Juvenile Delinquents currently polluting the social media space and scripting libellous thrash.

As current events are unfolding, it isn't too farfetched that a smart person should realise that Politics is no Rocket Science or Mathematics where variables are fixed and predictable. Politics, being an Arena that is driven by interest, intrigues and forecasts, sometimes requires those who are players to do certain things or take certain steps which on the surface may seem unpleasant. It's not until one probes deep enough that one can fully understand the reason behind all the steps politicians take. 

You are making reference to the fact that Hon Saheed Olalekan Popoola served as a Commissioner under the Administration of Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed! Are you even aware of the facts and intrigues which necessitated Meigida to make such concession to someone who is clearly not a member of their Dynasty? If one could needed clarification, you ought to ask for it in a mature and responsible manner, and not resort to mudslinging and name calling. The fact remains that during that time, Hon Popoola won a popular victory against the Saraki Dynasty then. The Dynasty fought back by using the Backdoor antics which Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq is currently using today, to reclaim Offa LGA. They only tried to pacify Hon Popoola, via the Commissionership portfolio given to him. After Political consultations with his Political Leaders and Mentors, he was prevailed upon to accept the position as doing so will prevent the Saraki Dynasty from taking more drastic actions against him. Many of you young guys are not fully aware of the modes of operation of the Dynasty. In addition, it was an opportunity for Hon Popoola to get to understand first hand, how the Dynasty operates, a knowledge which paid off years later in 2019.

What is your business with the rumoured suspension or threat of suspension? We believe Hon Popoola has paid his dues and understands the workings of the Kwara State House of Assembly. He knows "how the cookies crumbles" and as such doesn't need a "hustler" to teach him how to conduct his affairs in the House.

Sometimes, we pity some guys who are not mindful of what they write on social media. In what forum did you hear Hon Popoola discuss the issue of employment slot? If such was even discussed, do you have any proof of such discuss? The same also goes to your assertion that Hon Popoola now has a new ally in Saraki. Is there any evidence to support these claims?

Well, we need to reserve our comments so that we don't become guilty of something we are advocating against. 

As regards your threats about confronting him, it's our belief that politics is played on the field. We are waiting for you to put your money were your mouth is and actually come and try your luck politically. I just hope Honourable Prince Saheed Olalekan Popoola is magnanimous enough to let these insults, libellous statements and defamation of his character to simply slide.  

As for those of you running your mouths like like a bursted pipe, I should remind you that empty barrels makes the loudest noise. One million of you put together with your sponsors can never move Hon Popoola one inch.


Concerned APC Youth Stakeholders

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