The Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Kwara State, Mallam Rafiu Ajakaye, has revealed how the Social Audit program of the present Administration being implemented presently by ENetSuD has helped the KWSG to fight corruption in the State, especially on government projects execution. This is contained in the article signed and published by Mallam Rafiu Ajakaye on 24th January, 2021. It will be recalled that ENetSuD is carrying out the Social Audit of KWSG's projects without collecting any amount or charging the KWSG any penny so far.


"A few days ago, some opposition elements charged Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq to fish out and punish his appointees who they claimed were guilty of contract inflation. Some accused him of sleaze. Quite interestingly, the only reference they adduced for alleged contract inflation and sleaze are reports of a social audit birthed by the same Governor! Until now, people only sniffed around to get details of government contracts. However, the Governor acknowledged a need to deepen accountability and transparency by letting members of the public and civic groups to audit ongoing projects of his administration and some he inherited (and would pay for). The social audit, which is the first in the country, gives third parties and apolitical entities a free hand to examine adherence to contract terms and quality of jobs done with public funds". 

 "The agenda is simple: the public deserves to have value for their money. So far, contractors have been blacklisted following audit reports. Today, officials are not in doubt about a need to sit up. Contractors know that somebody else, other than resident engineers, may be licensed to check up on what they are doing. Revelations from such exercise can never be an indictment on a man who offered official documents and the right atmosphere for third parties to scrutinise things. He cannot be everywhere. It is not his job to prepare or vet Bill of Engineering Measurements and Evaluation (BEME). Certain officials are tasked to do some jobs. It is to the credit of the Governor that he birthed a process to enhance transparency and subtly inspire institutions, entrenched interests, and government contractors to embrace a new dawn". 
 "Indeed, the birth of social audit is a realistic acknowledgement of institutional gaps and a need to put mechanisms in place to check excesses — while investments are made in training and retraining of officials and strengthening institutions (such as the recent activation of the procurement agency) amid reorientation efforts to let people know that cheating the system rubs off on everyone". 
 "So, anyone gloating over revelations from social audit either does not understand where the state is coming from or is being insincere. These revelations are helping the Governor to save public funds. It does not end there. Errors are being corrected. People are getting flagged and punished for screwing up!"

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