Do you know you're wired and commanded to rule your world? Yes! As God is, so are you! You were created to take charge and excel wherever you find yourself!

However clear the vision of your future and career may be to you, no matter how attractive or captivating it is, not everyone will support, believe in or share this vision with you, there'll definitely be objections, criticism, doubts and discouragements from even those you feel ought to have been on your side.

You must be strong, encourage yourself in the Lord, focus only on Him, make the Holy Spirit your regular companion, take that step of Faith and launch into God's promises! A step in faith is a walk into victory. No one has ever been disadvantaged following God and it can't start with you! 

   Step out in your call
   Step out in ministry
   Step out in your career
   Step out in every area of your life.
   Be The Best in your craft

Refuse to be discouraged, refuse to give in or give up, you have a God who's mighty, supreme and sovereign, a God who loves you and desires the best for you always, with Him you lack no wisdom for He's all wise and powerful.

Have no fear therefore, Be steadfast, immovable! Pursue that God given vision to the latter for there's an extraordinary glory that lies ahead of you! Oh yes! There's no limit to your greatness! 

Step Out and Rule your world!

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