Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq doesn't understand politics, that's the popular cliche from his political opponents. 

But the otoge crooner has not lost a single political battle against his adversaries in the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) since they aligned in 2018.

In the race to the governorship primaries in 2018, all political camps brought forth their best and Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq emerged ahead of others. That's politics.

When the race to decide the deputy governorship candidate was on, all camps brought in their A game and Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq still succeeded ahead of the other gladiators. That's politics.

When many of the APC gladiators were reluctant to forge ahead with him during the general election as a result of their loses during the primaries, he was still able to operate from a middle point, until victory was recorded. That's politics.

Immediately he emerged as governor, even before he was sworn in formally, those seeking to control government went to work, firing from all cylinders to put him in the defensive. However, instead of going in the defensive as expected, he went for attack in the most strategic manner and in the process, they lost out in the decision of setting up the cabinet. That's politics.

Then, their last hope of seizing control, which is the speakership office was snatched away even before it was birth. They lost every political battle.

Since their anticipatory scheme to hold government to ransome, through office of deputy governor and speaker were not allowed to materialize, then, they held unto the party as a launching pad and shield for political machination.

After losing every political battle they staged against Abdulrahman on the political turf, they relocated to radio station to accuse him of not understanding politics.

Isn't that funny?

And now, even the party they think they own and control has been taken over, by the man who doesn't understand politics.

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