There is a popular maxim that says, “the voice of the people is the voice of God.” It may be popular, but it is also untrue. The people are not God. The voice of the people is not the voice of God.
Therefore on that day he called him Jerubbaal, saying, Let Baal plead against him, because he hath thrown down his altar. Judges 6:32

God had just called Gideon, “Mighty Man of Valour”. The people immediately called him Jerubbaal – May Baal fight against you! 

Can you see the conflict? This new name was intended to undermine what God said to him. This new name was to cut down on his confidence and make him a prey. Imagine if people began to call you – “Amadioha strike you!” or “Sango deal with you!”

The devil often sees ahead of us what God has positioned in our destiny.  This is the same way that Moses was asked, “who made you a judge and a ruler over us?” That was what God made him but the voice of the people was to reject it. If you are not so sure what God has placed in your destiny, one way to know is to see what the voice  of the people is saying and then know it is the opposite of it.

If the people are calling you poor, know you have wealth in your destiny. If the people are calling you coward, know that you are a brave child of God. If they are calling you barren, you are a fruitful bough in the mind of God. This is a truth that should be emphasized over and again.

The people looked at Jesus and said, “can anything good come out of Nazareth?”

The people looked at the apostles and called them uneducated, yet God used them to educate the entire world in the ways of God.

People looked at Samson and called him a womanizer, waster of anointing. Yet God placed that hunger for Philistine women in him because he wanted to use it to deal with the enemies of Israel (Judges 14:4)

Your parents, spouse, teachers, family, neighbours may claim to know you more than you know yourself. They may have more experience than you, but they do not know you more than God knows you. Before you accept what they are calling you, be sure that they are speaking the voice of God.

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