These days it is very common to see young ladies prepare for the fun they'll have after wedding.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

But beyond the fun...
Beyond the shopping..
Beyond answering Mrs and flashing your ring upandan....

There's an aspect of marriage that we seldom hear about.

So I went into marriage like every other young lady.
Expecting loving, cuddling, playing, cooking for my love, giving and receiving kisses.

Then few months into the marriage, the devil showed up.

My husband was on the flow writhing in pains and unable to breathe.

His eyes turning, his breathing up, his body covered in sweat, and his voice an inaudible mumbling.

Everyone started shouting and running around.

Me, already pregnant with our first child, looked at this man I just said "I do" to.
And I realized that this wasn't what I said I do to.

I kept my calm
One thing God has helped me with is not to fret  in the face of calamity.

I just looked at him and that Holy anger was building up inside of me.

In my mind, I gave the devil 1,000:reasons why he was toying with the wrong person.

Then I ordered that evil presence to get out in The name of Jesus Christ.

I didn't wait to see if he was fine, I simply went into the kitchen and prepared a hot Ginger tea with Honey and by the time I came back into the room, he was fine.

Listen to me young ladies and those that are about to wed.

Beyond your wrappers, shoes, handbags and makeup kit, carry extra oil.

You will need an extra oil as you are going into that marriage.

The devil has showed up many times in our marriage than we bargained for.

There are times he'd showed up and tried to kill one of the children, and I'll carry the child to my bed and tell him to come close if dem born am well.

There are times he'd showed up in our finances and I've had to put him where he belongs.

That's because I packed an extra oil.

Marriage is not only for love making and baby making, it is a battle field.

You're going to fight the demons of your father's house and that of his father's house combined.

You're going to fight for the lives of your spouse and your children.

You're going to fight to establish yourself in that home as the first lady and gate keeper.

So get ready.
In all thy getting, get an extra oil.

Oil here refers to anointing.

Don't just think you're going there to slay with your looks.

You're also going there to slay the devil.

Go well!


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