Here comes another interesting danger and pitfall to watch out for.

Why did the other eleven not get out of the boat?

The bible is silent about it, but it is not hard to imagine. First, the fear in their hearts kept them from taking action. They stayed comfortable in their experience. How could they have overcome this fear?

Peter was the one that should have encouraged them to come out. However, he was too busy dealing with his own issues.  If Peter had asked them to join him, at least one or two others would have come out of the boat.

_Lesson 1: The people in your boat will not readily ask you to leave the boat. “We are in this together” is the anthem._

_Lesson 2: The people who have escaped the boat will not readily welcome you into their fold._
“This is too difficult; are you sure you want to go through this?” 

_Lesson 3: If you are willing to step out of the boat, you will have to take personal responsibility to overcome the resistances in lesson 1 and 2._

Success in life is a personal endeavour. Friends and family, neighbours and colleagues are just incidental to your journey. They will be there to encourage or discourage. They will applaud or criticize these are all required in the journey. 

If you fail, they will say, “we told you so.” If you succeed, they will say, “we always knew you would make us proud.”

There is no path you will work through in life today that someone has not been through. You may be starting up a business that no one has done before, but then you can learn from start-ups  in your environment.
Until you take the first step, God is not committed to showing you the next step. When you ask God to direct your steps, you have to get up and walk. God is not able to direct feet that are under the blanket or sitting on the couch. 

Get up and take the first step! You will be afraid but you can make it through the grace of God that is available to help you even as He helped Peter in the storm.
You can say with King David…
Acts 2: 25 (TLB)
“King David quoted Jesus as saying:
*‘I know the Lord is always with me. He is helping me. God’s mighty power supports me.*
You can affirm like Apostle Paul…
*I am READY FOR ANYTHING and EQUAL TO ANYTHING through Him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace.]* (Phil 4:13 AMP)

Go For It


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