Immediately AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq won the Kwara governorship election, some people formed themselves into a blackmail caucus with the sole purpose of controlling the government.

The aim of this blackmail caucus was not to lobby or negotiate their way into government, but to intimidate, pressurize and blackmail the governor into handing over his government to them by hook or by crook.

The impression this bloc has in its mind was that, blackmail, pressure and intimidation would force Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq to toe its path, but unfortunately, this approach backfired.

The approach backfired before the constitution of transition committee and those in the blackmail camp were so outraged.

You will all recall that after the announcement of the transition committee, some APC chieftains, led by Chief Iyiola Akogun came out to attack the governor in different fora. 

In one of such attack before AbdulRahman was sworn in as governor, Akogun and other members of the blackmail caucus threatened to go back to the trenches.

Instead of reviewing the blackmail approach to collaborative approach, they believe in more threat and blackmail as weapon for control.

When AbdulRahman was eventually sworn in and Rt Honourable Danladi Umar emerged as speaker, ahead of the candidate of the blackmail caucus, Hon Saheed Popoola, the blackmail caucus coined the jeun ko sanwo narrative to activate their full opposition mood.

All of these had happened, without any AA Group in existence.

It was after the activities of the blackmail caucus and their jeun ko sanwo advocacy became a nuisance to other party members that Hon Ilyasu Ibrahim and other respectable leaders initiated the formation of AA Support Group (AASG), as a counter to the activities of the blackmail caucus of Akogun and Co.

Shortly after the formation of AA Support Group, Prince Fagbemi, Lawyer Kunle Sulaiman and other respectable leaders also initiated the formation of AA Progressive, also as counter to the activities of the blackmail caucus.

So, contrary to what BOB, Akoguns, Popoola and others have been claiming, that AA Group is the cause of the party crisis, the reverse is actually the case.

All of these facts are on record and it is outright falsehood to claim that the crisis in APC came as a result of AA groups.

Let it be on record that those who created the blackmail caucus to control government are the people responsible for the party crisis and only them can resolve the matter, not Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq.

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