Everyone was born with a weakness. For some it is hot temper. For some it is too much talk. For some it is procrastination. For some it is an unexplainable desire to lie or steal. As we grow up, we also acquire some more weaknesses. Some people become workaholics, some become sex addicts, some become addicted to pornography, and some can’t stop from drinking, smoking or associating with bad company.

We all have an explanation and a justification for our weaknesses; which one of these do you use?
“It is human to err.” 
“We are just like that in my family.”
 “I can’t help it. I just find myself doing it”
“I know what I am doing.”

Whether you have an explanation or not for your weakness is not the issue. The main thing is that any weakness you fail to deal with will eventually deal with you. There is no escaping it. Every action has a consequence sometimes it is immediate, sometimes it is delayed, but it will always come.

Moses had a weakness with short temper – may be because he was a “stammerer.” In his anger, he killed an Egyptian. It was not a premeditated act. It just happened. He allowed his weakness to overpower him in one minute of madness. It made him lost his place in the palace. (Exodus 2:11-15)

Even after Moses met God, he failed to deal with his weakness. Being born again does not always guarantee an immediate freedom from your human weaknesses. You may confess Christ as Lord and Saviour and still struggle with addiction and sin of various types. 

Every weakness you fail to deal with is your master. You were not born to be a slave. And if you must be a slave, why not be a slave to a good master, why be a slave to a weakness?

One day God told Moses to speak to the Rock and water will come out. In his short temper, Moses angrily struck the rock because the Children of Israel got him upset. It was a small incident. What is the difference between speaking to a rock and striking a rock? All they wanted was water. And they got water. Numbers 20:1-12

But that small incident ensured that Moses never entered the Promised Land. It was going to take him to hell as well if Jesus had not intervened. Satan already claimed his body because God himself had judged and condemned him. (Jude 1:9)

Dear reader, it doesn’t matter whether you are born again or not. It doesn’t matter how long you have been fighting this weakness. One thing is clear, if you do not deal with it and settle it once and for all today, you will pay for it at a very critical point in your life.

*The serpent you don’t deal with in Genesis will become a dragon in Revelation.*

There is hope in the name of Jesus. There is victory in the name of Jesus. There is power to break every yoke of addiction. There is power in the blood of Jesus and the word of God to deliver from the clutches of any weakness.


1. Stop blaming others your parents, your wife or husband your village people, friends, school etc. You are the one that is weak and in need of help.
*2. Identify the triggers of your weaknesses.* If you are struggling with pornography or anger what is it that triggers it – a movie, a book, a friend, a place? When you identify the trigger, you can overcome the weakness by avoiding the trigger.
*3. Identify the pattern.* Have you seen this struggle in other members of your family or other members of your church? Sometimes,  a weakness has a spiritual root or a genetic root. A Christian Counsellor will help you determine. If you see the weakness prevalent in your church, then it could be by transference of spirit from the ministers and leaders to the congregation. If it is in your family it could be genetic or have a spiritual undertone. Talk to a deliverance counsellor.
*4. You must be born again.* You must commit your life wholeheartedly into the hands of Jesus by confessing your sin and committing to live a life of holiness through the grace of God.
*5. You must FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH.* Using the word of God daily to assert your victory over every weakness and continue to grow in grace.

*Say this prayer: Lord Jesus, I know my weaknesses, I have tried to hide them but it is eating me up and destroying me. I cannot help myself. I need your assistance to break-free from the prison of this weakness (please mention it by name). Please help me through your Hoy Spirit. I promise to obey your word even though I struggle with it for now. Thank you for setting me free. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.*

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