1. Who is persecuting  Ilorin Muslims??
2. Why must Ilorin Muslims insist on the use of Hidjab in Christian schools?

3. What Positive effects will the use of Hidjab have on the: Academic Performances, Moral Education and Religious Practice of these students now and in the Future??

4. Ilorin elders overlook the high rate of teenage pregnancy In Ilorin, and focus on use of Hidjab!! 

5. The elders ignore the rate of: Cultism, Drug-Abuse, Fornication, Adultery and poverty in Ilorin, but rather focus on the use of Arabic fashions!!

6. In Ilorin, prostitution is permitted, just use Hidjab!!!

7. Kwara State is a "Secular" State as it is in the Constitution

8. Why is Kwara State fully funding the "Kwara State College of Islamic Legal Studies"?????

9.  Why should Kwara State Government be involved in establishment and Funding of Religious Judicial System??

10. Why must Kwara State fully fund the " Sharia Court" (paying salaries, pension and building structures)

11. Why should the State fund Religious Institutions (One sidedly)??

12. We can recall, how Ilorin people cajoled Muslims from other LGAs in the State, to establish the shari'a Court. Now all past, present Grand Khadis, and Judges are from Ilorin; 80% of staff are from Ilorin. 90% of cases handled are Ilorin marital problems!!!

13. The Master Plan of Grand Khadis for the next 50 years, all Ilorin indigene is handy!!! (Ilorin Mesu Jamba!!!!!!)

14. Let the Shari'a Conflict Resolution mechanism  be moved to the Central Mosque, and not be a burden on the State Government and her resources!!!

15. We know how you filled the Kwara State Civil Service with Ilorin indigenes!!

16. We know that some positions and Offices in Kwara State Civil Service are exclusively reserved for Ilorin indigene and their stooges!!!!!

17. We know how the State Government appoint Permanent Secretaries,  Commissioners and Political appointees (40% Ilorin indigenes and 80% Muslims)!!! 
18. We know how you fill all Federal slots, allotted to Kwara State  with Ilorin indigenes !!!

19. We know how you use fake citizenship Certificates to attain prominent  positions. A man will claim Ilorin-East Local Government, while his immediate younger brother (same Father and Mother) claims a remote village in Asa Local Government. (Mesu Jamba)

20. We know how the State Government used State Funds to renovate the Ilorin Central Mosque!!!

21. We know how Hundreds of Millions is spent to Sponsor Hajj every year !!!

22. We know what is used to Sponsor Christian pilgrimage, every year !!!

23. We know how the State Government spent Hundred of Millions to buy Ramadan food items, and distribute it throughout the state !!!

24. we know what the State Government spend on gifts during Easter celebrations

25. We know how Hundred of Millions is spent to buy and distribute Rams during  Ileya (using the Government House and Presidential Lodges as Ram Market/ distribution centre). This Rams are given to Immams in Ilorin and it's environs!!

26. We know what the State Government spend on hampers at Christmas!!!

27. It is an open secret, that the State Government sponsors competitors to, and sometimes host the "Annual National Qur'anic Recitation Competition" !!

28. Why are these "good gestures" not evenly extended to other Religious groups in the State ??

29. We know that the State Government prioritize renovation and maintenance of Muslim--Government schools over Christian--Government schools

30. We know how Christian Students are forced to use HIdjab in Muslim--Government schools.

31. We know how Christian Students are prevented from holding prayers in Government Schools !!!

32. We know how Juma't  Mosques are built inside Government (MDAs) Offices and Schools with immunity and impunity!!!

33. We know that No Church or Christian Chapel are been built inside any Government (MDAs) Office!!!!

34. We know how some Muslim preachers openly insult Christians and Christianity, with immunity and impunity.

35. We know how the University of Ilorin (Citadel of Academic Excellence) is being deprived of Universe--City prerequisites!!

36. How the Federal University in Ilorin (University of Ilorin) is being relegated to a " High College for Omo-Ilorin."

37. That 13 out of the 24 recently (in December, 2020) appointed  Professors 14l!!!!

38. We urge our Brothers and Sisters to practice tenets of the Religion of Peace, as brought by the Holy Prophet (SWA). And not only manifest Arabic Culture and Traditions. 

39. We are aware (from studying Arabian History) that most of these Arabic features were  innovated to meet exigent necessities, which are now extinct. !!!

40. We discovered that: 
a, The Turban (Lawwaanii) was to protect users from desert dust and hazy storms; 
b,  The Hidjab was to protect users from desert dust and hazy storms; 
c, Short Trousers was to protect the trousers from dirt and reduce frequency of washing (there was no shoes and there was acute water scarcity in the desert in ancient times).
d, The Purdah was used to hide stollen Wives (i.e girls kidnapped and forced into marriage)  from being seen and identified by family members
e, Jalabiah was the only available fabric design in the ancient times  it was used by Male and Females Arabs. Else you put the unsworn fabric round your neck.

41. We are aware that Kwara State (one of the first 12 States in Nigeria) is the most backward and most  underdeveloped, when compared to her mates like: Lagos, Rivers, Kano, Sokoto etc...

42. At this time and season, all hands must be on deck to speedily  develop the state!!!!!

43. We call on all "Reasonable":
 Christian Elders,
 Muslim Leaders, 
Godly Politicians, and 
People of Good Offices 
to  rise and blunt this emerging sword  at the nib!!! 

44. As Kwarans, we must join our hands, with Sacrosanct Unity, Strong commitment and Persistent Determination, to build an egalitarian society, as imagined and dreamed by our forefathers!!

45. We are aware that No group has monopoly in violence!!!!

46. We are also aware that Violence does no good!! !

47. Let there be Justice in Kwara State,
let there be Peace in Kwara State !!!!

48. Nothing is as good as Peace and peaceful Coexistence!!!

Psalms 133:1
Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!!

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