The words of Goliath that sent fear into the entire Israeli army sent excitement into David. When he asked what will be his reward if he fought and won, his elder brother immediately tried to shush him.

The people that love you the most are the ones that are most likely to stop you from your greatness. 

David had killed a lion before – his family shushed him. He killed a bear. They silenced him and no one heard of his achievements. This time David was ready to go as far as it takes to stand before the king and get his goal.

28 Now when Eliab his oldest brother heard him speaking to the men, Eliab’s anger was kindled against David. “Why have you come down here?” he asked. “So with whom did you leave those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your insolence and the wickedness of your heart! For you’ve come down here to watch the battle.”
*29 “What have I done now?” David said. “It was only a question!” 30 Then he turned away from him  (TLV)

See what his brother called him – insolent,  disrespectful, rude and wicked! 

Eliab wanted David to remain under his shadow. He wanted him to remain as the little shepherd boy without a future. He knew him well enough to know that nothing good can come out of him but mischief. He was mistaken.

David had a vision and a dream to be great in Israel and he had come to graduate from being a mere shepherd with a good voice and a skill with musical instruments to dine at the table of warriors. David was not Jether.

All it takes to kill a dream is the wrong frown on the right face, the wrong words on the right lips. How many dreams in your family have you murdered with your inconsiderate “no, darling”? How many dreams around you have you killed with the wrong advise – deliberately or unknowingly out of genuine concern?

In 2012, I asked a young lady to go to the studio to record her song which I just listened to and felt was good enough. She needed backup and I asked her to get her friends from the choir of her church. They all turned her down – no one wanted to back up for a newbie who has not been given opportunity to take a lead solo in church!!! To this day that lady never went to the studio, never recorded any song. Because the right persons gave her a cold shoulder and murdered her dreams.

When Eliab made his comment, this time David TURNED AWAY FROM HIM.

When the baby has grown big enough, it must be separated from the mother through a painful process of birth. There is no birth without bloodshed!* If the baby or the mother is afraid of the process then the baby will die or they will both die. Period.

When David turned away, his report was taken to the king and the rest became history. Do you have the courage to turn away from naysayers? You need to develop some thick skin if you really want to go for your dreams.


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