But standing in your place is just the beginning of the battle for Gideon and for everyone else. If you truly need victory, you must push out of your comfort zone where you only need to shout  and show forth your light. 

As the battle of life progresses, you will need to bring out your swords and instead of standing, you will need to run with the vision. You will have to pursue the prize.

The harvest will never bring itself in; you must go out into the field and harvest your success. You must step into the business world, step into politics, step into the classroom, wherever it is that you are called into. You must develop the courage at some time to take it higher. 

Don’t just aspire to be a classroom teacher. There is nothing wrong with you owning a school as well. It is not every dream that God will give to you. You have been given the power to create your own dreams too. Aspire for something and pursue it. Don’t over-spiritualize your life. 

Don’t say unless a prophet has spoken or God has given a vision to you, then you won’t do anything. Create your own dreams. It makes heaven proud too.

Paul teaches in Hebrews 5:4
*And no man takes this honor to himself, but he who is called by God, just as Aaron was.*

In other words, you cannot be a minister of the gospel unless you are called of God.
Then the same Paul in the bible gives the flip side:

1 Tim 3:1
*This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.*

Can you see it? – you can be called or you can desire it. Paul is not contradicting himself. These are the two pathways into the ministry. God honors both. *God will not say No when your faith says Yes!*
Whether God calls you into any field or you call yourself, the most important thing is to be faithful to God, to act in Faith and to push ahead to claim new territories to occupy for Jesus. 
You don’t have to offer an apology for dreaming big. So go all out. Dream big and pursue your dreams to reality.

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