Kwara Must Change as a leading pro-democracy group in Kwara State is not scared of subjecting itself and its activities to the review and criticism of people it has been critical of in time past.

Criticism, especially a constructive one, in our understanding, should propels excellence, not hinders it.

This is why we deemed it fit to subject our recently produced Legislative Watch report to the review of the most unlikely person, whom we believe, would give us the most divergent and critical review of the report.

In the past 24 hours or thereabout, especially after the report that says former senate president, Dr Bukola Saraki is amongst individuals and groups given the opportunity to review Kwara Must Change's Legislstive Watch Report, i have received several calls and messages from far and near.

I have equally read several critical comments and remarks across the various social media platforms in Kwara State.

To begin with, a review is just another person's opinion or observation about a report. Such opinion may or may not have any influence on the report itself, but it could help validate or strengthen it.

Kwara Must Change's decision to subject Legislative Watch report to diverse review is to obtain as much critical review as possible to strengthen the report.

It is a known fact that Kwara Must Change has been very critical of the former senate president over the years, and our criticism of him has been strictly based on issues that jointly affect us.

We stand by all our positions over the years and we are also not scared of critical or even harsh review that may come from him.

For us at KMC, subjecting Legislative Watch report to Dr Bukola Saraki's review is the height of our confidence in the report and we are not unmindful of the fact that, the most critical review may come from someone who has been viewed very critically by us over time, as this is his opportunity to assess us back in return.

We therefore urge all those interested in the report to see this as a positive development for our democracy and not the other way round.

Meanwhile, Kwara Must Change said that former senate president, Dr Bukola Saraki, National Institute of Legislstive and Democratic Studies (NILDS), Budgit, CISLAC, ENETSUD and others have been given the opportunity to review the report.

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