I do not really want to comment on the issue of Kwara Express because of certain restrictions and limitation, placed on members of the Business Review and Investigation Committe (BRIC) by law and ethics.

However, one thing i can say for sure is that, Kwara Express died in 2012. It couldnt pay the loan it took from infrastructural bank in addition to owing several months unpaid salaries.

Where did the company's money go?

Lori iro has swallowed it. Lol

The bank it owed money nko? They gave final notice to pay and failure of which, they will commence the process of seizing all properties of the company to retrieve their money by hook or by crook.

Kwara Express collapsed under the immediate past government.

Well, because the government was creative, it took Kwara Express to mutuary and handed its surviving properties to a new private company. 

This is when Harmony Holdings took over.

To say it differently, Harmony Holdings took over a dead Kwara Express in 2012.

Due to certain professionalism in Harmony Holdings, they paid some part of the loan, renegotiated repayment, paid outstanding staff salaries, tried to revive the business, but contineous efforts failed to yield positive results due to poor staff attitude, theft and outright criminality and by 2015, Kwara Express was buried.

At least, this is what is on the record, well documented with evidences and agreed by all stakeholders.

Kwara Express burial ceremony actually took place at the Kwara State House of Assembly, as the law establishing the company, Kwara State Transport Corporation was repealed by the house.

They all sang rest in peace to the once striving state investment inside the chambers of the lawmakers.

A brand new private company was registered in 2015 to take over the asset. Harmony Transport Services Limited.

Many staff were given the option of transfer to ministry or prefer to work with the private company.

Many took transfer to ministry, others choose to work with the private company.

Company gave all those who stayed behind New employment letter, with fresh term of engagement as a private company.

Unfortunately, interference from past government continue to make workers believe they are still government workers. They resist all private company rules of engagement, continue theft and criminality, yet any attempt to deal with the situation by the company was resisted by past government and the bad situation in the dead Kwara Express, resurfaced in Harmony Transport.

That is what the Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq led government has now tried to resolve once and for all.

If you hear anything to the contrary, it is lori iro.

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