Muslim Students in Isreal, the birth place of Christianity uses hijab.

Muslim Students in America, the most populated Christian country in the world uses hijab.

All over the world, the right to hijab is a settled question. 

It is only here in Nigeria, that we are still having this debate, largely because our government has been too diversionary and political, when it should simply face the issue once and for all and make it stand.

Kwara State Government was right to take a bold decision inline with court judgement. It was right to stand with the position of the constitution as interpreted by the various courts.

This is a commendable decision and i urge all government across the federation to toe this line, not only on this issue, but also on all similar contencious issues.

Past governments that ran away from the issue were playing politics with governance, which was unhealthy for our society, because it allowed the same issue linger unnecessarily, causing occasional crisis.

A responsible government must always take decision on issues inline with law, no matter how difficult.

You don't have to like it, not everybody will support it, but that doesnt mean it is wrong.

A government is to act inline with law, not based on our emotions.

Allowing emotions to dictate government direction has been catastrophic for this nation and i commend the courage of the Kwara State Governor for taking this bold action.

Actually, it is the right thing to do.

Nothing could be more sensible and reasonable.

Nothing could be more legal and responsible.

It is not only legal, constitutional and logical, but also inline with global best practices.

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