The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, NCDC, has discovered additional 1,005 fresh cases of corona virus also known as COVID-19 in Nigeria, making the total index recorded in the country to hit 144,521.

Also NCDC affirmed 24 people who died due to the complications of COVID-19 as total death rate hit 1,734.

The Health agency confirmed this on Friday night on its official tweeter account.

It was also tweeted that 507 infected people has been totally healed and discharged in Lagos and Plateau States. Not less than 118,866 infected people has been recovered and duscharged so far from the pandemic virus.

The analysis report of “1005" fresh cases from each state are:

Lagos-204, Kwara-155, Oyo-124, Plateau-80, FCT-75, Edo-56, Osun-48, Ondo-41, Kaduna-40, Rivers-40, Taraba-35, Borno-32, Ekiti-21, Ogun-20, Kano-14, Bayelsa-8, Delta-7, Bauchi-3, Jigawa-21

The total confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria has hit 44,521, while discharged index is 118,866 and 1,734 died so far due to the complications corona virus.

“Our discharges today include 408 community recoveries in Lagos State and 99 community recoveries in Plateau State managed in line with COVID-19 protocole”.

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