1. Protect all residents of all States, including non-indigenous communities, religious and ethnic minorities within State jurisdictions

2. Arrest and prosecute all perpetrators of crime.
3. Continue the organization of and participation in town hall meetings in the localities where ethnic strife has taken place by Governors representing all geopolitical zones
4. In collaboration with federal authorities, the reconstruction of destroyed homes and payment of compensation where appropriate by State authorities for damage to property and livelihoods sustained during targeted attacks on communities within their jurisdictions
5. Ensure that deceased victims of such violence are duly accorded dignified burial rites

6. That State Governments have statutory jurisdiction over forest reserves and will seek federal support for efforts to eradicate forest-based crime. (Council deliberated on how forests should be better managed and secured against criminals and criminality.
 7. Ensure that local security initiatives—whether State Govt law enforcement agencies/local vigilante groups/ @PoliceNG Community Policing programme are inclusive & composed with due consideration given to adequate representation of non-indigenous/minority resident communities.

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