When you awake from slumber and become aware of your identity, you will feel like a different person. Your language will change. Your world view will change. Your tastes will change. Certain things that were okay before will be haram to you now. You will hate certain mental and emotional foods and crave for other specific kinds. There will be a reaction from those who knew you while you were a sleepwalking zombie... just like they still are. You're different... They're still sleeping. They won't know how to handle this difference and so they will throw stones at you. The stones are a gift from your maker because nothing else would have taught you that it's time to separate yourself from the old crowd. Nothing else would have taught you to severe the umbilical cord that connects you to your old forgettable existence. Nothing else would have informed you that on that level, you've overstayed your welcome. You've been tapped on the shoulder by greatness and chosen for what you'll soon discover. There are angels, helpers and destiny partners on your new level of awareness. Shine your light as a signal so they can see you. That new level of awareness, post about it. You're not the only one. When the old crowd scoff in the comments, delete their comments and block them. No distractions. You're trying to see something. Keep watching for your new family... they will soon comment or send you a dm. When you were a child, you spoke as a child. Now you speak on a new level. You makes moves with precision and with a new velocity. Talk that talk. Walk that walk. Higher life is calling. This is called making the rest of your life, the best of your life.

Always giving thanks to God Wealthiest Coach Keep Building Up You'll Succeed! 

Success Is Your Duty

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