The issues of Hijab has come in another dimension as Christian Action Forum, Youth wing came out with a resolutions as the Governor of Kwara State temporary revoked the license of some Christian schools in the state.
The resolutions by the Christian Action Forum, Youth wing include:

1. We are surprised that this issue that has been long settled way back in 2008, when a section of the Muslim community of Share, the headquarters of Ifelodun local government area insisted on it use at United Missionary Church of Africa (UMCA) LGEA School. The matter was resolved by the Kwara State Committee on Religious Matters that  the founding Proprietors should determine the mode of dressing in all faith-based schools being grant aided by the government. 

This practice which has always being the status quo subsist until recently when the Muslims of Ilorin started to make trouble claiming they have a judgement of Kwara State high court and the appeal court in their favor. Whereas the case which is even before the supreme court is about the termination of the grant aided status of  Christian mission schools to revert back to full ownership by it original proprietors and not the issue of mode of dressing.

2. Whereas we have always believed that the government of Kwara State will stand on the side of truth and uphold what is fair and helpful to maintain the peaceful inter-religious coexistence that Kwara State is well noted for but the action of some government officers is proving the contrary. The following justifies our reasons to believe so:

i. The CPS to the Governor, Mallam Rafiu Ajakaye in all his press releases on the matter continue to refer to the Christian grant aided Schools as public schools owned by the government thus corroborating the false claim of the Muslim Stakeholders that Christians are former owners of the Schools.

ii. The failure of the Kwara State Government to issue official statement on the resolution of the meeting earlier held with the secretary to the state government to the effect that the status quo must be maintained.

Meanwhile, there is no any other status quo other than what exists since time immemorial where proprietors determine mode of dressing in their respective schools. The failure to do that was what necessitated another round of meeting presided over by the Deputy Governor where it was again reemphasized that there should be no more press release from both sides(even though Christians have not written any) until the matter is fully resolved but to our amazement the Muslims continue to make press releases and playing the victim when in the actual sense they are the aggressors. 

For the record, it is imperative to let the general public know that it was the Muslims that mobilized their youths to Christian mission schools to assault  Christian teachers and the government did nothing to arrest the miscreants only for us to hear and read the  announcement of the closure of our Schools in the media.

3. We need to also put it on record that playing the ostrich by claiming that the enemies of this administration are behind this crises is not acceptable to us and if they are they are not Christians. The fact that the trouble makers have come out openly to make their devilish demand which they know can trouble the peaceful water of interreligious coexistence is enough for the government to know that the real enemies are not wearing mask, why then would you not arrest them but choose to close our schools?

5. In the meantime, we have resolved to make this minimum demands: that our schools should be reopened with immediate alacrity and security be provided to ward of miscreants who are flouting government directives and trying to reverse the status quo by impunity and atrocious means. Anything short of that implies that the government wish us to meet force with force.

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