In this season, we have dwelt on faith and courage the powerful combination that gives you victory in the world. 

There are three critical elements required on your part for the walk of faith
1. Clarity
2. Courage
3. Compassion

Hab 2:2
"Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it."

You must be crystal clear on what exactly you are gunning for. If you shoot at nothing, you will hit nothing. Sometimes it is not always clear what you are destined to be. The vision at conception is not always complete. But it must be clear enough to direct your next step.

You may not be able to provide answers to all the questions, but at least have clear answers to the most critical ones. These answers may change in the future but for now they are clear enough to guide your next step.

For instance, John the Baptist was a Levite. His father was a priest. By heredity, he ought to be a priest. But the vision was clear enough for him NOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE. Rather he went into the wilderness. He was following the passage that described him as a voice in the wilderness.

But the wilderness was not the destination. As he prayed there, it became clear at some point later that he should relocate to the River Jordan and baptise people there. That’s progression of vision. The purpose of his baptism was then revealed to him he was doing this to commission Jesus and declare him to Israel as the son of God.

Paul was very committed in the Antioch Church as a teacher. One day the Holy Spirit asked that Paul and Barnabas be separated from Antioch for the work they were called to do. That was how they became missionaries. The vision kept progressing.

Paul had to get to the point he was writing letters thinking he was just writing to his different parishes not knowing he was writing the scripture. That is progression of vision. No vision that has God as its originator can be stagnant. It keeps growing. For each stage, be clear this is what the Holy Spirit is asking from you and then give it your best shot.

If you are not so clear about what God wants from you or your purpose in life, I encourage you to stay tuned for the next series where the Holy Spirit is going to give us clarity about our life’s mission.

We have spoken at length about courage and so tomorrow, we will consider just the third leg briefly compassion.

To be continue...

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