"1-2 Now Jephthah was a great warrior from the land of Gilead, but his mother was a prostitute… Judges 11:1 (TLB)"

Please read that introduction again. Henry was a great singer but he had no recorded song. Bridget was a wonderful sister, but she was never married. Fred was a great footballer but…

What is the “but” that comes up when you are introduced? Jephthah was great warrior but his mother was a prostitute! How is that Jephthah’s fault? Did any of us choose our parents? 

When people want to shut you up and “put you in your position” they forget what you have in common. Read the rest of the introduction…

His father (whose name was Gilead) had several other sons by his legitimate wife, and when these half brothers grew up, they chased Jephthah out of the country.

*“You son of a whore!” they said. “You’ll not get any of our father’s estate.” Judges 11:1-3(TLB)*

Can you beat that? They didn’t chase him out of the town, they chased him out of the country! The reason his half brothers could go that far was because they had the support of all the people. How bad can it get?

It is clear that Jephthah could have fought them if he wanted to – he was already a warrior. But he let it pass. He let the insult pass. He knew that when you fight against your family everyone loses. Everyone.

The deal was done. Jephthah has been shushed. But they have not heard the last of you! They only closed one chapter and the only reason it will be the last chapter is if you stop writing. Learn from Jephthah. He had no time to complain. He moved on quickly and smoothly developing his skills and putting them to profitable use.

Guys, you are the writer of your own story, never put the pen in another man’s hand and then complain that the script is bad. Jephthah wasn’t responsible for his parents relationship. He never complained about it and never let it stop him. Some people complain about everything they cannot change.

They complain about the poverty of their parents and their lack of education. They complain about the witches and wizards in their family and community. They complain about the state of the economy and insecurity, they complain about their bosses and colleagues. 

Did God not see all of these before he brought you here at this time? Did he create you empty without anything to offer? Are you being lazy, ungrateful and ineffective? Are you the one shutting yourself up? 

Stop blaming life and the action of others. Stop accepting the labels people put on you that you don’t like. If people call you a failure and you don’t like it then live like a success. If people call you poor and you hate it, go ahead and become rich. They are only trying to shush the greatness in you and they will succeed if you believe them.

Take this advice, follow Jephthah’s example go ahead and prove by your results that you are still in charge and by God’s grace you are coming out better beyond their wildest imagination.

Don’t let the hands of fate determine your destiny. Take charge of your destiny by faith. No one can shush you if you don’t give them the permission.

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