Lies from the pit of hell fly around that Christians have agreed to the use of Hijab in Christian Missions Schools. Blatant lies. We insist that the Catholic Church rejects and condemns the use of Hijab in our Mission Schools.

No matter how hard anyone try to change the narrative, we speak with CAN that use of Hijab is totally rejected in Catholic schools. We are not in agreement with the Government over the use of Hijab in our Missions school.

The discussion started in 1972, and the grant aid in began in 1974 by the then Governor of Kwara State, David Bamgboye. It was never a complete takeover.

Since then, the Government has not been doing much to care for these schools, so we request the Government to hand off the grant aiding and return the schools back to us.

CAN proceeded to the Court to prevent the Government from forcefully take over the schools and change the names. The High Court urged the parties to embrace dialogue, CAN proceeded to the Court of Appeal where the prayer was distorted and issue of Hijab was brought in as an act of ibaadah, just as an Obiter Dictum.

It is based on this, that the Governor declared for the use of Hijab in Christian Missions schools. The Government forcefully broke the gates of our schools with armed men. We jettisoned the way of violence though, yet we shall protect and defend our heritage. We want our voice to be heard that WE DO NOT AGREE TO THE USE OF HIJAB IN CATHOLIC SCHOOLS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, THE GATES WERE FORCEFULLY OPENED.

We ask that the government returns our schools to us for effective management.


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