National President of Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSN), Dr. Ekaete Ettang said christian schools never coerced or forced any Muslim student to follow christian religion.
She vowed that the schools will never bow to pressure and intimidation of Kwara State Government to admit wearing of hijap as one of its policies, thereby changing its identity.
Dr. Ettang, who revealed this at a press briefing in Jos, said anybody who is willing to attend christian schools in the country must be ready to abide by the policies and rules.
“These Mission schools are helping government carry out its function and it’s only reasonable they receive support from government,a support that should not be used to muzzle them, control them or seek to change their age long laid down procedures which have shape many lives.
“We are Mission/Christian Schools, unapologetically so and those who want to attend our schools should be ready to abide by our policies and rules. We do not in any way coerce other force any Student to follow our religion.
“It is a privilege to be admitted and attend christian schools and not a right. If christian children choose Muslim schools, they will be expected to abide by the school policies and rules obtainable there”.
Dr. Ettang appealed to all concerned Nigerians, Muslim elders, Christian elders and Governors in the North and Southern Nigeria to rise and address the looming calamity in the country.
“We are schools whose real ownership is the Lord. The history of Christian Church positions the christian/Mission schools as a place to preserve it’s heritage. That is not a crime bit similarly practiced in Islam to which we have accorded them respect in their schools.
“For the Government of Kwara State to fail to accord christian/mission schools a similar respect is unacceptable. We have not only a legal christian identity in the education sector but a national one for that matter and any mission/christian school identified with us cannot be intimidated.

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